#Inktober2020 has begun.

Updated: Oct 5

Day 1, Day 2 & Day 3

Day 1

Every year I start Inktober and life somehow gets in the way. Now that I'm working from home its so much easier to find at least a couple of hours to produce a little bit more than a squiggle . Ink for me was my second love after graphite, a black biro was always available and lended itself well to copying the phenomenal Jamie Hewlett comic strips I adored . I never penciled in first and went straight in to something with a biro, technical pen or brush and ink . This was scarey, exciting and freeing and I would highly recommend, I still work exactly the same . Day one and although excited to begin I knew fish wouldn't be a strong start for me, but its all about learning and making sure I draw every single day.

Day 2

Glad to have Mr. Fish out of the way, I've decided to not look too far ahead at the word prompts and just let thoughts and ideas formulate each day for the next. Over thinking and working has always been a problem, I seem to do much better reacting fast and with limited time. So Day 2 it is and we are on to wisp. Yep that one threw me and again I started to over think so I kept it simple and wispy hair was created. I've stepped away from the animals and gone with what I love to draw most of all, people .

Day 3

Lovely positive reaction to Wispy yesterday. It's not all about the likes and hearts on social media when it comes to Inktober, but it does help to gage what's working, what people like and it is always nice to get encouragement especially when there is an entire month to get through. Although I must say I have never found drawing to be a chore, if anything its a life line. Day three and the word is Bulky . So many ideas again for this but I settled on something a bit different. Bulky wool is apparently a thing and the size of the jumpers made out of them are phenomenal . So this is my Day 3 offering below. The lesson I learnt with this one is not to attempt chunky knit patterns when not having slept well the night before. It was a bit like counting sheep Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

So here's to Day 4 and onwards . When I was at art school I spent 4 years thinking about art and ideas and I never realised how lucky I was to have that luxury . So its been wonderful to be able to have these daily challenges to take my mind off my worries and just go right back to where I began. Drawing , drawing and even more drawing.

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